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our goal is to make sure, your dining experience is second to none.

lebkuchen heart the roemertopf restaurant is home to the gray-iwan-schölzel family. european trained with many years of experience. all of our combined talents will be employed to ensure that your party�s event will be successful!

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white wine:

piesporter michaelsberg kabinett
a very crisp, moderately light bodied wine reminiscent of slightly tart apples. the lively acidity results in a juicy clean palate, that is ideal for a wide range of foods from cheese and appetizers to fish and meats.
schmitt söhne riesling
delightful crisp and fruity, this popular wine from germany will compliment cheeses, salads, fish and poultry.
schmitt söhne liebfraumilch
the grapes used for this quality wine are blended to produce a fresh and fruity rhine wine, which is medium-sweet in style.
gabbiano pino grigio
the light and crisp, with flavors of citrus and melon. enjoy with a variety of cuisines, including chicken, seafood, pork and pasta.
folie a deux, menage a trois
delightful refreshing blend of three varietals - moscato, chardonay and chenin blanc. the soft floral aromas and gentle caressing of fruit flavors leave you wishing for more.
alice white "lexia"
a classic white muskat with fragrant aromas of apricots, mangos and lilacs; sweet luscious flavors balanced by a crisp, refreshing finish.
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red & rose wines:

alice white cabernet-merlot
deep dark and ruby red cabernet-merlot blends, medium-bodied with a soft smooth finish. perfect to compliment beef, pork, pasta, and fish dishes.
lambrusco "emilia"
lambrusco grapes date back to ancient rome. today grape growers and wine makers craft a lambrusco rich in fruit and soft in flavor.
folie a deux, menage a trois a delightful blend based on three varietals: merlot, syrah and gewurztraminer
white zinfandel
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german & international beers:

löwenbräu, spaten, optimator, bittburger, warsteiner, franziskaner, widmer, st. pauli, bass ale
assorted budweiser and miller beers, corona

non-alcoholic beverages:

fountain soda (coke products) & iced tea
assorted can soda
coffee, hot tea
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prices subject to change without notice

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