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our goal is to make sure, your dining experience is second to none.

roemer topf sign the roemertopf restaurant is home to the gray-iwan-schölzel family. european trained with many years of experience. all of our combined talents will be employed to ensure that your event will be successful!

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soup of the day chef's choice of seasonal stockpot and cream soups cream of mushroom
german gulasch soup homemade soup with chunks of tender beef, potatoes, tomatoes & bell peppers bavarian gulasch soup
split pea soup creamy soup from peas, family recipe with sausage split pea soup
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onion rings fried golden brown onion rings
cheddar pints beer battered cheddar chunks fried golden brown cheddar pints
toasted ravioli hand breaded meat ravioli on lettuce with marinara toasted ravioli
chicken strips real chicken meat hand-battered, served with salad garnish & dip (ranch,bbq,honey mustard) chicken strips
münchner platterl two polish würstl on sauerkraut münchner platterl
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house salad fresh garden mixed green with tomato, cucumbers & carrots house salad
salad & fruit garden mix with fresh fruiit of th season
chef salad basic house salad with ham, cheese, tomatoes and hard boiled egg chef salad
caesar salad crisp romaine lettuce tossed with creamy caesar dressing, olives, croutons & freshly grated parmesan cheese caesar salad
caprese salad tomato, mozarella, balsamic vinegar reduction
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roemerburger grilled hamburger topped with mushroom sauce, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, on pretzel bun
pretzel burger greilled hamburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles on pretzel bun
bavarian ham sandwich grilled ham and swiss cheese on artisan roll
cheese and veggie sandwich three kinds of cheese, tomato, lettuce, cucumber on pretzel bun
chicken schnitel sandwich breaded and pan-fried chicken schnitzel, lettuce, tomato, house bread
curry wurst grilled polish sausage topped with our special curry ketchup and french fries
jäger schnitzel sandwich breaded-pan fried pork schnitzel, lettuce, tomato, mushroom sauce on artisan roll
schnitzel sandwich delicious pork cutlet breaded & pan-fried on a bed of lettuce & tomato on artisan roll schnitzel sandwich
augsburg toast toasted white bread topped with a medallion of pork tenderloin smothered with a cream sauce & melted swiss cheese augsburg toast
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prices subject to change without notice

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